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Ministry Spotlight - Living Faith

Living Faith has been singing southern gospel music for 24 years. During that time the group has sang in multiple states sharing the gospel in word and song. Whether it's a small country church or a large auditorium, the message is always the same. Group members are Rodney James, Nathan James, Mary Mooney, and Mark Byrd.

June - 2018
Interview Questions: 
Living Faith was founded 23 years ago as a southern gospel singing ministry born out of Living Faith Baptist Church in Good Hope, Alabama. During the course of time, we have shared our ministry in several states and all types of venues.
Our ministry started as church friends that love to sing about Jesus!
The message in the songs! Our contentment comes when we hear testimony of how our ministry has touched and blessed those we come in contact with.
Eric Bennett has been a long time friend of our group members for well over 30 years. Eric is always there for us to give that word of encouragement. Other groups that have influenced us are Cathedrals, Gold City, Kingdom Heirs, Perry's, just to name a few.
They are singing the gospel of Jesus.
Each of us have a person that holds a special place in our heart that has been a major influence to our spiritual growth. We all agree the ones we respect, teach the word of God.
With our work obligations, our goal is 75-100 dates a year.
Any where 2 or 3 are gathered in His name! Barns, Churches, Civic Centers, any where there is a need.
We each serve in our churches when we can be there.
Our goal is to continue to go and do as God opens doors.
We just have completed a new project entitled This Is Why. We are currently finishing what will be our new single, I See Jesus. We will have this song to radio in a few short weeks. The response we are getting on this song is truly amazing!
Rodney James, Lead. Nathan James, Baritone. Mary Mooney, Alto. Mark Byrd, Bass.
Rodney James and his wife Cathy, Nathan James and his wife Tiffany, Mary Mooney and her husband Terry, Mark Byrd and his wife Sandy.


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