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Ministry Spotlight

Ministry Spotlight - Millie Bonham

Millie has been singing since she was five years old. She is the Owner/Director of BBB Promotions. She sings and promotes Southern Gospel Music at different venues in and around the North Alabama area.

Ministry Spotlight - Paul Smith

Paul Smith is an evangelist, motivational speaker, emcee and promoter of Jesus Christ.  Paul encourages others to believe in who they are and what they can accomplish, through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Paul is a life long resident of North Alabama. His roots run deep into the community where he lives, works and plays. He has been married to his best friend and soul mate, Michelle, for 22 years. They have two beautiful daughters, Katie and Ashley, and a brand new son Bryson,  they have adpoted.

Ministry Spotlight - Singing Ambassadors

Webster defines an Ambassador as "a diplomatic agent of the highest rank, appointed for a special and often temporary diplomatic assignment". Paul, in II CORINTHIANS 5:20. felt this way when he said "...note then we are ambassadors for CHRIST...". That same driving force, the one that caused the apostle Paul to spend his entire life traveling wherever he possibly could, going wherever people would lend an ear, causes this group of men from Tennessee, not just a traveling group of singers, but men who feel compelled of GOD, to go and to spread the wonderful message of JESUS CHRIST in song.

The Good News Boys Quartet

The Good news Boys Quartet is an all male acoustic gospel quartet based in Hazel Green Alabama. The ministry goal of this group of men is to carry the good news of Jesus Christ in order to encourage the church,and reach the lost with a message of peace in this life and a hope for eternity with the Father in heaven. Our singing ranges from bluegrass,country,and southern gospel musical styles .

Ministry Spotlight - Murphy Hill Baptist Church

This year Murphy Hill celebrates its 86th anniversary. This is a
momentous  occasion and it’s only fitting that we take a moment to reflect on how
Murphy Hill got it’s start. We owe a debt of gratitude to those who, many years ago,
cared enough about the small community in which they lived to establish a place of
worship. It’s difficult to condense 86 years into a few paragraphs, but below is a brief
outline of the history of Murphy Hill Baptist Church.

Ministry Spotlight - ReJeana Leeth & New Grace

New Grace is based out of Dawson, Al.

Members of New Grace are ReJeana Leeth Lead & Harmony , Manager, Tim Cushen Baritone & Bass, Samantha Leeth Lead & Harmony, Lynn Furgerson Tenor & Harmony

Ministry Spotlight - Surrendered Ministries

Surrendered is a Southern Gospel Group.The group is composed of leader, Russell Wise, 16 year old inspirational singer, Sadie Renae Matthews, tenor Joseph Reed and drumer Kendal Teague.

You can visit thier website at, follow and like them at Surrendered Ministries on FB, Instagram, Snap Chat and watch updated videos regularly on YouTube.  You can also download our music from iTunes.

To Book Surrendered, please contact The Dominion Agency at 828-454-5900. 

Ministry Spotlight - Deborah Peek

View Deborah' video "Blessed" - Produced By: Phil Cross

Ministry Spotlight - New Day

Gospel groups come along frequently, but seldom do they bring such rich history as New Day from Huntsville, Alabama.

Husband and wife, Doug and Karen Apple-Young, along with Karen's sister, Kimberly Apple and Susie Lanier have joined their voices to blend a sound that simply isn't found everyday.

Ministry Spotlight - Bev McCann & Friends

Bev McCann Started back in 1995, when I recorded my first CD, Gods Love. Traveled mostly the CA, NV, AZ area till we made a move to Tennessee, Nashville area. I have been working in the Music industry for several years now, and God has blessed the Ministry more than I can express. About 4 years ago I felt a change coming my direction and felt God dealing with my heart about some things, had no idea that it would create the BM&F Group. BM&F is a collective of 5 groups that we travel together and minister as one big group. We have been traveling now for 3yrs starting our 4th this year 2017. We have soloist, duo's and trio's and a few songs that we all sing together, we also have two ordained ministers in the group. When we are singing its like one big family.


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