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Alliance Quartet

Alliance Quartet
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Alliance Quartet
Southern Gospel
Singing Group or Band

      The group Alliance was established on March 7, 2006. Through the years Alliance has had a total of 10 members. The group has done dates at many chuches, public events and family gatherings in North and Central Alabama and Southern Tennessee. Alliance Quartet has been blessed with some of the best singers in North Alabama  and a very loyal following of people whom we all consider family. Beginning in 2016 many changes took place within our group but we have been blessed to have retained the same familiar southern gospel sound we have been known for throughout the years.  The current membership includes Stephen Young singing tenor, Josh Kirby singing lead, Tim Tumblin singing baritone and Jeff Smith singing bass. As 2018 approaches we feel like we have the most dedicated and focused group ever and we are looking forward to sharing our ministry with you! For booking information please contact Tammy Igou 256-504-2867.


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